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Thank you! I do all the same things as you: magnifier, tension, and even the gold needles (from Cross Stitch Guild - they're the only needles I use now). I've been practising the pin stitch on my 28 count project and am starting to get the hang of it. And the tip about the warp and weft is very useful. Thanks! :-)

You will probably find the weft easier to split than the warp as it is plumper. Maybe check you are splitting the weft and not the warp. The pin hides better in the warp but it is harder to split, as that is the strongest part of the fabric. I use a magnifier to stitch, so that probably makes it easier as well. My needles also have a bit of a point to them, even though they are gold. Some cross stitch needles are blunt and you might need to a sharp one to help with the piercing. Also, my fabric is held under tension on a frame, so maybe all these things, or some of them, help make it easier to split the thread. Or as you said, it might just be practice. If I was asked to pick only one of the suggestions I would say it is the magnifier that makes it easy. 😄

Thank you so much for this post. I stitch mainly on 28 count jobelan over 1 and have been trying to figure out a way of getting pin stitch to work. I tried your method but found it very fiddly to split the weft. Do you have the same problem or is it something that gets easier with practice?

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