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hi to anyone who worked at middleton towers in 1963.I am sandra,I worked in the hairdressing salon.The sixties were just taking off-the stones-the beatles-all the now world famous groups.I remember going to see eric burdon sing -the house of the rising sun.What agreat time it was to be 18 years old!!A very special person who I have lost touch with was bill fitzpatrick-where are you bill!I now live in australia,so its all along way for my memories to travel-distance and timewise too.Would like to hear from anyone around that year.Its was really sad to see the photos of the place falling to bits,a great summer,great company,one of the best times in my life.

Me and my mates had our first real hols without parents at Middleton Towers it was brilliant!! Robert Towell was entertainment manager. We went several years in a row sometimes twice a year we loved it. Bluecoats came and went but a few I remember are Ken Torrence, Craig, Paullette,Gary,Mike, Colin,Fred from Chorley to name a few. Also Eddie Laver showband, Russel Lewis showband, My mate went on to work in the kids nursery she loved it there so much. Happy times.:)

Hi. We worked Middleton Towers for many years in Cabaret as "Presto Puppets" from the late 1970s. Out of all the Pontins camps, it really was the friendliest and most professionally run. Each year we would visit the camp at least 25 times and the staff, headed by Robert Towell, was enthusiastic right through the season. Great to know that so many visitors have so many happy memories, as do we. Robert Towell and John Sharples have gone on to great things working with their own Companies in Spain.

My dad Los Belcher, used to run the pub jim boeing owned at one time for a few years, from around 1888 to about 1992, It was on Greendales caravan site just at the start of pontins entrance. I spent alot of my child hood in pontins and can remember the ship ball room, It was probably very high tech when it was first built, I have very fond memories of the whole place and its a shame to see it all gone, I believe its a retirement village now. T. Huetson

i worked at pontins in 1977- 78. it was the best 6 months of my life, i worked in the pontinental bar, god what great memories phil eccles in the canteen bill kelly on security, and heaps of girls from all over the country. it really was heaven on earth. would like to know anyone who worked there at this time.

Has anybody any photo"s or can remember the dance troupe the zio angels who were performing in the 1960s . My wife was a member of this troupe and would love to contact anyone with any information especially anyone who was a member many happy memoirs

Does anyone remember Mr Dixon the Manager and he had a taxi company in Morecambe, and Ken was the Asst Manager and Julie worked in the office and another lady was in the office from Overton?

I worked as a Receptionist in the late 70's for the season and was some of the best years of my lift, non stop laughter

I worked at pontins in 1989 as a nursery nurse and have brilliant memories of the place and all the people i met there.I did have the time of my life i was only 19 and it was the first time i'd lived on my own.

hi my name is tom marsh i started work at middleton towers in 1976 as a cook, loved the place still do and i actually live in morecambe now , met my wife ann, in 1977 and done two more seasons there before moving to seacroft holiday centre in 1979 in great yarmouth, got married there and we are still together after all this time, 33 years. great friends there many names come to mind, bill the head chef, val matthews witness at our wedding, best mate jimmy williams my best man and his brother john, the great friend norman davies,colin, cant recall his surname, but a funny man,everyone was a friend there and helped each other out, wages were crap but you never went without as there was always someone there to help you out,more names , myra macmanus, and her friend rosemary who were my wifes friends,dot lawler ,, phil jones a waiter and a good mate,john cochrane, his cousin bobby mulrooney(r.i.p)such great times, hope some of these names are familiar , if you would like to get in touch then please contact me on 01524 807686 or tommarsh52@aol.co.uk or if you know the whereabouts of peeps i have mentioned , really love to know how our good friend norman davies is,

worked 80 to 81 john taylor as dinning hall manager

Hi Irene, I remember you well and your scouse accent every morning, we shared a chalet together, we all came to your wedding after the season and stayed at your house over the water. lol x contact me on facebook also under angela moss

Hi im Irene and was a bluecoat in 1980, john cedermark was ents manager and paul best assistant , if anyone remembers me im on facebook under irene normanton would love to hear from you all xx middleton tower 1980

My family were regulars at Middleton Towers holiday camp in the 50s. My parents Grandparents Aunties, uncles and cousins all went together. I remember the stage shows in the theatre in the ship and the ballroom also the fountain next to the pool.Happy days. Shame its all gone now.

I was at Middleton Towers 1969 with two friends, we entered talent contest and won playing Good Bad and the Ugly. Fantastic time met two lovely scouse lasses that worked in the restaurent, forget youe Ibiza this was the place to be when you were young. Alan

hi,im paul i worked as a barman in 73 tony was head barman and i think john simons was security manager.i worked in i think was called the ballroom.can remember loads of faces but sadly not many names.had a fantastic time.i had long dark hair and a lovely scottish las used to cut it for me .read here about the cashiers im sure i remember them one had longish hair and a tash.remember bob blonde lad from liverpool he was a barman,met up with him a few years later he was at college in my hometown sheffield,ah happy memories.

Hello all I was Angii the bluecoat in 1979 and 1980 I remember Paul Best (hi paul) he was a bluecoat with me, our entertainments manager was Cathy Almond now sadly deceased, I went to visit the ol' place just after they had a gala night a few years ago for their retirement village, looks great, sad the berengaria wasn't there but our stage manager George who lived and died there will still be keeping an eye on things and who know's is still sitting in the 'pont' having his rum and pep. take care everyone and KEEP SMILIN ANGII XXX

iworked at the camp in 79-8o iwas the second cheff my best mates where vin ted barney in fact i never had any bad mates plenty of women was abit of legend cracking time best years of my life. the head cheff was apaddy an bent agood laugh thou.

Jean & Bill Harrison - We holidayed at Middleton Towers in August 1950 when we were only 18 and 22. It was our first holiday together and we remember taking the train from Surrey to Lancaster and then on to Morecombe. We vividly remember the entrance to the camp which were aeroplane tails with the initials of Middleton Towers on each one.Does anyone remember them? We also remember the tower, the rose garden and the dining room which was in the big ship. Unfortunately, we couldn't get on to the beach as there was barbed wire on it left over from the war. Very sad to see what has happened to it as we have good memories and some nice photos.
February 2011

I worked at middleton towers 1986 1987, fantastic times, i worked as a waitress in the posh restaurant, blue uniforms morning and dinner and black uniform evenings. I was watching t.v one night 7 8 years ago and the camp was on, it had been shut for some time, with a view to opening it as an open prison. I worked with some lovely people and we were all one big happy family. I still have my first contract paper from my first seasons work, with the grand wage of £46.00 per week but free chalet and meals of course. Do you remember anybody who worked there if by chance we were late from a night out in the wheel house how we were threatened with collecting our yellow, the dreaded sack and end of contract. Brilliant times.Helen.

Hi, god, happy memories. i worked at pontins i think it was 87??? whole family took me there and then marched me into office to demand better accomidation for me ha ha ha. worked on bars.wheelhouse first then berengaria then between the two. Brendan Wall was bar manager, David McDougal was assistant bars manager. i was later made bar supervisor. I did a lot of growing up there in many ways. met so many wonderful people. would be lovely to speak to some of them.

hi me and my sister used to live on site with my dad in the big (i think it was pink) flat next to the bike hire shed my dad was colin homer think he was assistant manager then that was 81 maybe 82 he then went back as manager used to love it in the closed season me and my sister had free run of everything arcades bikes especialy the petrol go-carts! remember playing in the office on the brand new bbc computers even remember playing star trek had a fair few races on the bmx track when it was built lot of amazing memories sad that its gone.

I was a Bluecoat in 1990. I loved that place, especially the Berengaria. I have fantastic memories.

hi everybody i worked there season 82 83 1st time as a cleaner jimmy pigdon was my supervisor then as a games room assistant,i rememeber robert as entertainments manager,uncle peter,colin homer as camp manager,and geordie the yellow coat,phil osbourne who got a broken nose in lancaster in the blue anchor!,and pam vesey

my father used to run a bus trip ,and half the street used to go ,i remember a little guy called norman, and the dance band at night times the rose beer garden ,and i think at the time it was owned by Chinese people all good fun all in the late 50 and early 60s .Also my sister was miss morecambe towers on year,

My Name is Don....I worked as a barman /wine waiter in the middle sixties..I remember watching the moon landing on a screen in the cinema.. I also worked in the cocktail bar... I can't remember to many names but i Had a girlfriend called Vivian..Wonder where she is now? Those were the days, I had a wonderful time. Does seem strange now seeing the photos of the buildings all in ruins... I think I may have one photo of some of the bar staff I worked with .. I shall have to dig it out... anyone remember me....? I wore Micheal Cain type specs Ha ha...

i went to middleton towers in the late 70s and they r the best holidays i ever had.i remember collecting autographs of the blue coats and a wrestler called pedro.the person i most remember was a young dinner lady called sue who i think i had my first crush on so i got her autograph aswell.living in ulverston made pontins at morecambe ideal as it was only 1 hour away. they was so much to do they and the only bit i did not like was the end of the holiday.

Hi all, I worked at Pontins (morcambe) 1969. aged 15 had a great time.Remember SS Berengaria well with the disco downstairs,The dining room was massive,any one remember the Y17 gang,Beach party,s, Merrydowner wine and pints of snakebite were the order of the day,John Symonns was the security guard, who tried his best to keep us in check,some of the names were Ashy,Ted the bed,Dave the rave my brother James Cleary me (John Cleary)John Bridges (cook) Connie Supervisor,Dining room,Still got some pictures of us all in the sundowner bar,Chippie was great, Have great memories, we all then went to pontins in Blackpool 1970,then to Yarmouth,Hembsy and Pakefield,

I have lots of photos of pontins. I have lots of all the bluecoats from different years.

I loved Pontins. I lived in the village of Middleton and frequently visited Pontins. In particular a bluecoat called Paul Peck who was always nice and friendly to me. He used to drive a yellow car and I would love to know where he is now and what he is doing. I was gutted when it shut down and even more when they demolished the ship. All my childhood memories are at Pontins.

Hi, I was at Middleton Towers summer 1977, xmas 1977, and 1978,
Waiter 1977 then DJ 1978, had a great time!

I noticed there are no comments from the 1957 year surely they are not all dead. pat duncan


I spent 3 holidays at Pontins in 1964, 1965 and 1966. Lovely atmosphere, very friendly and a fabulous holiday. I met a kitchen porter on my last holiday called Keith Brady from Benwell, Newcastle and have some great photos of us, but I often wondered what happened to him, can remember his birthday being 22nd March to I guess he would be in his sixties now as I am.
Pity Pontins has had to go to make way for a future development scheme. I would have loved to look around it again, just one more time.

hi I worked pontins in 1972,73,74 have some wonderful memories went with my mates phil brown & dave featherstone better known as geronimo became very popular guy.dave was a k/porter phil worked in the bars I started in the dining hall later on phil & I got jobs in the office as cashiers great job all we did was to go round the shops,cafes & bars cashing up at the end of the day.
Met my future wife carol-ann at pontins in 73, got married in 1976 and we are still together today very happy

I was at middleton towers camp through the 60s and 70s. Remember the donkey derbies, the fish shop with fresh cod or haddock, I don't think i've ever tasted fish and chips like them since, the arcade, the childrens theatre with uncle and auntie, can't remember their names but they were there for years, the nobdies, sharing a dining table with other people that my mum and dad still keep in touch with, as someone has mentioned earlier the different ciggarette houses, we always seemed to be in embassy. I even went here for my honeymoon in 1976.

Ian - I was known as 'MOTHER' in that season. I played keyboards in the pontinental - cathy was the alcoholic cook in the nursery ( but a lovely caring person) George in the stores was my husband, we had a caravan on greendales, and eventually took over the club and lived upstairs for 2 years after! NICE MEMORIES!

Thomas, there used to be an MSN group called I love Morecambe but not sure where it moved to when MSN cancelled groups. There is a facebook "we love Morecambe" group, http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=wall&viewas=0&gid=8394367009.

I was never at Middleton Towers or Heysham Towers but love all the history of Morecambe Bay, if this is still live i WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK TO OPEOPLE FROM THE AREA, tHOMAS

Hi, I went to Pontins either 1957 or8, my name was Pat Bamber, and it was my first holiday away, and I met a lad from down south called Mick,I think he worked on the ships. I never thought I would end up living here, strange how life works out. (Memories)

You all seemed to really have a good time at Pontins. Since it has been demolished I have no chance of visiting the place. So I guess, all I am left with is to read all your marvelous holiday stories.
By the way thank you for sharing your experience at this stunning holiday getaway with me.

You all seemed to really have a good time at Pontins. Since it has been demolished I have no chance of visiting the place. So I guess, all I am left with is to read all your marvelous holiday stories.
By the way thank you for sharing your experience with me at this stunning holiday getaway.

hi would anybody know who took the studio photos back in the 50,s at the camp please. i know its a long shot but im tryin to find all photos of my family then to take over to oz when visiting.

hi would anybody know who took the studio photos back in the 50,s at the camp please. i know its a long shot but im tryin to find all photos of my family then to take over to oz when visiting.

I went to middleton for years and years back in late 80's of all my holidays I have some great memories of it and the people. Ian and Paul were great and have lots of photos to go along with those memories

hi i worked at middleton towers in 1988 in ss berengaria. i worked in the wheelhouse bar then got moved to the ballroom as assistant supervisor.would love to hear off my old workmates there especially donna and caroline. wot a good time we had!lol loved it.lots of good memories.x

Hi I would like to update you all about Middleton Towers, Morecambe. My name is Pam Hey and I am sales and marketing Manager for Coast Developments - Middleton Towers, I am pleased to tell
, you is being transformed into a retirement village complete with leisure facilities, tennis court and bowling green. We have over 40 occupiers now and when the 1st 2 phases are complete there will be 208 properties (bungalows and apartments). visit our website for a brochure www.middletontowers.co.uk
or telephone 01524 855309

i was a bluecoat at pontins middleton towers in 1978 then became ents manager 1979 and 1980 it was a time i will not forget it launched me onto better things paul best

ps max my chalet was z block z62

hi max i worked at middleton tower 1981 i have a feeling that u were there at that time if it is u then u will remember me puting a fruit basket filled with shaving foam on your head at the last night of the season i worked as a kp i remember robert towel and big ken the blue coat i also remember ralph O'hanlon the catering manager also mick gibbs the head chef yours ian-g

i went on holiday to pontins in1967 with dave connett.mike collins. bernard mathews . my name is john coffey. great place the ballroom with a full orchestra ,the caberet bar with the NOBODYS, wrestling on a wednesday afternoon so much going on all the time, fabulous place but memories as a child aged,about seven renting a bike , sitting outside the village pub with an orange juice and apacket of crisps,queing out side the dining rooms for brekfast dinner and tea .the inter house contest named after cigerettes ours was EMBASSY . then with my mother and father my wife and our 3 children.

i think this is were they done holiday on the buses what a film

I have a photo of myself at age two taken outside the "ship" in 1963 - it was called SS Berengaria! I went to see the remains of the camp a few years ago - such a sad sight, so I'm not surprised to hear that it's been demolished now.

Iworked as a blue coat in about 1980 I was known as MAD MAX, it was a great time. Robert Towel, Marrie Phillips, Joss Jones, Bradley Walsh, Mike, Dave and Wally, does anyone know where these folks are now, Iwould love to hear from them

i went to pontins middleton a few times when i was about 13 yrs old about 1985-88 i had my first kiss,we knew how to get free music on the duke box,it was fantastic-some of my best holiday memories,so sad it has closed would of loved to take my children!

Does anyone know what happened to the Gorilla that was situated outside Middleton Towers?, My mum, brother and me had our picture taken in and around 1956 with it. would love to know what happened to it.

i went to pontins when i was just a wee girl in the eighties and have many fond memories and am saddened to see what it has come to .i have been abroad and can say my best holiday memories were at pontins at morecambe. hopefully someone buys it at gives it the makeover it deserves.

i worked as a kp as well but much later i think about 91
miss it

Hi Ian, I have a feeling I know Potins, please email back

iworked as a kitchen porter at middleton tower summer 1981 i hhve some great memorys and met some great people

Glad you liked the photos! Yes, Middleton Towers was certainly in a poor state when I visited. I don't know what's left now, but when I went the ship had gone unfortunately. It's strange to think so many people had holidays there, and then it got closed and left to rot.

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