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Hi all, worked at the towers 82,83 as a cleaner then in the games room learned how to play snooker brill, rode my motorbike on the beach wheel spins in the sand memorys happy times.

Hi all, i worked at the towers 82,83 worked for jimmy pigdon on the cleaning im the big lad from the midlands lol,had some good times there i can remember ozzy, phil osbourne who worked in the kitchens, also geordie the blue coat known as allen and the girls who worked in the nursery and chris from chester le street, and lots more but the memory aint so hood might visit some day happy times.

Only recently discovered this page. I worked at Middleton Towers for only 1 year back in 1983 and had a memorable time. I was a waiter in the Dining Room working alongside Helen Blackwood, who was from somewhere in Scotland. There were two more Helen's in that Dining Room, Helen Barratt, a University student from Wolverhampton and Helen Whittaker, a late arrival from Bolton. Other waiting staff included a student and fellow Man City fan called Leroy Sawyers, Bernard Turner from North Manchester, Julie Waddington, also from North Manchester, a lad called Greg who did some DJing and a girl from Nottingham whose name escapes me. We all worked for a lady called Betty.
I also remember a big lad from the Midlands called Ian who was a cleaner. Enjoyed a lot of good times as well as some strange times in places like the Pontinental Bar, the Ship and that white pub.

My family went 13years in a row happiest memories of my life ths nobody's always sat with us in the sundowner bar great band wish i could tum back the clock

Worked Middletontowers morecambe between 76 to 80 In The dinning room my name is denis Murphy if anybody remembers me love to hear from you had a brilliant time working there met some fantastic mates

Hi Guys Grahame Rhodes Trombone I worked was with Paul Gold's band in 1966. All the chorus ad the musicians lived in the same building. Great time obviously>.. Later I went back to North America and joined Duke Ellington only that was later on . I worked with Paul Godden on 2nd Tbn. I forget the rest. Except Carol Gray and Cynthia Aldrich who married an army person afterwards.

Hi all I worked Dinning area in 81at middleton great times I remember vinie the superviser and Carol n Julie the lovely scouser so many good times brenda 81

My grandparents met at Pontins, Neville pashley and Eileen pashley was sturgeon when she was at Pontins. I believe they worked there until 1969, not sure what my granny did but my grandad was a cook. I’m hoping to visit this summer, I know that Pontins is long gone but just to visit where they met would be nice 🖤

I worked at Pontins in 1969. started in the (if I remember correctly) Sundowner bar.The residend group was The Sundowners. Their entrance tune was: Take five played on an Organ. the largest Bar n the camp had about 8 or 9 tills.I was a cellerman but was soon moved to served in the bar.. not long after I was moved to the posh cocktail bar at the front of the Concrete Ship, and also served wine in the large dining room, I think there was sitting for over a thousand holiday makers.. And I earned at first 6 pounds a week, But on a good night made at least 10 bob tips. Later It was greatly increased to 7 pounds 10 bob.Ha ha... accommodation was free as was the food, and I remember the food was good and plenty full, we were waited on as well which at the time surprised me. But I think we were waited on in case we helped ourselves to too much food.... But the waiters all knew us and were generous. Although the pay was poor I had the greatest time of my life. Had three or four girlfriends while there, two of them at the same time( However I won't go into that in great detail Ha ha..). Most of the staff names I've forgotten.. but Bernies or Bernie was one of my girlfriends. Vivian another both lovely girl, Both worked behind the bar. Twinkle a Bar maid in the cocktail bar Jerry, wee Jock. I shared a Chalet with another feller but sadly can't remember his name. After the bar closed we could sit down all Bar staff together and have a drink. On my one day a week off we were allowed to use all the camp Facilities, in fact during our off duty hours we could go down onto the Beach or swim in the camp pool. Sometimes a trip down to Morecambe and visit the fun fair or at night to the night club( if we'd earned enough tip money) Every meal time the announcement would come over the camp loud speaker and ended with Lulu singing Boom Bang-a-bang, every meal time. Oh for those days to return. yes I will never forget my six month at Pontins Middleton Towers.Then I Joined the Army.. 22 years service. It is now Fifty Years ago I worked for Pontins. Oh to go back to those days. Don.

Hi I was Tracey Harbron back in the days that I worked at Middleton Towers in the summers of 1983 and 1984 mainly waitressing in the main dining room. Met the man who was to become my husband in 1984, Dave who was a kitchen runner. There were other students like myself but most of the staff were recruited from Hull, Liverpool and Newcastle with some Scots. Made some good friends - who unfortunately over the years I lost touch with - and have happy memories of the place. Staff chalets were grot central! but there was good camaraderie,

I worked as a waiter in pontine morcambe 1968 -69 -70 John Ashcroft and me lived in the jungle.my name is ted birrell John Cleary was with us and pillow slip pigget doses anyone remember us?

Hi dave Goddard if u still use this site please get in touch I have just seen your post from 2013 I am well hope this finds you the same Ian gillies Middleton Tower 1981-82 my email address [email protected]

Went here twice as a teenager for Association of Organ Enthusiast holidays in 1993 and the last ever one in 1994 before it had to move to Pontins Blackpool because the site was closing. Have the best memories of the big ship venue and the restaurant seemed enormous. Bit run down by that time but still incredible.

I worked at Middleton tower, 76,77,78, met my wife Ann there in 77, I worked as a cook in the kitchen, Ann Miller as she was then was a nippie, we used to call her carrot , she had red curly hair then and is Scottish , I’m a scouser, we are still in touch with a lot of oeople from those years, and I am going to a pontins staff reunion in March in Blackpool, if anyone remembers me then please email me at [email protected],remember chef, bill o Sullivan, dolly and Linda hunter who still live here in Morecambe, Norman Davies , , and Phil Jones, a.k.a Sid snot(r i p) , also John and Jimmy Williams I would like to get in touch with, we went to work in Great Yarmouth in 79 , and got married there, little jimmy , was my best man , great times, great memories

I was working for the local electricity board in 1972 and was part of a gang installing heaters into the chalets,we were there several months and I never thought I would ever forget the tune that was played at 08.15 every day...but I have. Does anyone know what it was I`d love to hear it again. ..happy days.

Happy memories here at Middleton towers I worked her in the late 70s in the pontinental bar the bar manager then was dave Barlow. My friend billy kelly worked on security at the time. What a great time we had at pontins, I started working her as a barman filling shelves and such but ended up as bar cellar man in the pontinental bar. Crazy days. But very happy days. Would like to hear from anyone who worked there about 1977-78 I think it was I used to go out with the Asian girl who worked in the chippy on the camp along with others I met there, she moved to a hotel in Blackpool called the norbreck Castle.

John Harrison.
Played Pontins 1968 with band called The In-Sect.

Were you the drummer of the same name who played Pontins Morecambe in1964 in the ballroom with The Jack Brent Trio including tenor sax and Clarinet, Howard Murray, for dancing before Paul Gold's big band came on?
HOME Address at the time Coronation Street Hyde, Cheshire?

Please contact [email protected] 07940 837342 or give an email address.
Been searching for you since 64..

I was at Pontins Morecambe around 1974/5 until 1977 with my family. We lived in the bungalow leading in to the camp. My dad was Derek Smith general manager.
The orchestra was Harry Bence and his wife Betty Sang.....she also worked in the dress shop.
John Simmons was security and I remember a guy called Mike, maybe bar manager then and his wife Jo, they had a baby daughter Zoe. I think Carol Lee Scott (Grotbags) used to perform too.
I went to Heysham High.
Any photo's to prompt my memory from that time would be great!

Hi all it was (is) a great place to work no matter where you worked I myself worked in the bar and the beer cellar making sure the beer/spirits were all in good supply I was a barman who served the waiters hatch so I was very busy I remember Sandy/Diane from Welyn garden city London but most of all a girl called Eileen from Birkenhead she came to my house a few times and went out into Liverpool for a meal& drinks stayed over and that!!I cannot remember her surname unfortunately but if anybody knows of her or me (must not forget me!!!)You can contact me on face book it would be great to contact more memories !!

My mum and dad met at Pontins in the mid 70s. Her name was Ann Harkison and he was called Bob. Dad was a musician in a band (duo) with his brother Eric. Mum worked in the chalets I think.

Anyone remember them?

I worked at Pontins Middleton Towers in1968 I played in the resident group called the In-Sect we played in the Disco at night and was Bluecoats in the day band members were Alan , Jack ,Roy and myself Johnny. Also one of the bluecoats was Stu crush a grape Francis great times

hi u worked for ponies from 1976 to 1981 my bane is Andrea worked on chalets and was waitress worked in Theatre bar too there were z load of us friends together great times Laura rosie moira all from Scotland myself and Katherine pelligrini and kat from Newcastle upon Tyne Linda and all girls and lads from Liverpool

Sandra Hubbard, I was friends with Johnny St Leger. I last saw him at the Palace theatre in Manchester, he was married to a dancer in one of the shows there, sadly he passed away some years ago.

Hi all, my name is Chris and I was the projectionist at Middleton Tower in 73,74,and 75. I worked with the electrician Alan Turner and George the stage manager in the Berengaria. I would love to hear from anybody who worked there at that time. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

My mum took us there for years,got some great memories,one of the groups was called the nobodies,my mum went that many times she was given a free weeks holiday.I remember the SS Berengaria an the Thunderbird 3 great times had

I spent many years at pontins with my family best holidays ever and I even won the cha cha competition with a girl called Gillian couldson from Northumberland my name was Linda greenwood

I was there on holiday in 1972 and 1973 as a child have really fond memories of the swimming pool and the playhouse. Remember the old inn by the main entrance. Supposed to have been haunted! Real shame it's all gone now.

I worked in the pontinental bar which only served half's of beer. My supervisor was Doris and her son was a Bluecoat name of Johnny St Leger. Had some fabulous holidays there later on 1979/1982.

I worked in the pontinental bar in 1974. One of the bluecoats was johnny st.leger. I worked with his mam Doris.It was a great place to work. Sort to see it all gone.Sandra (nee Batey) Huddart.

I was there 75/6, security officer. Boss was john Simons I recall

hi I was on holiday here with a friend either 1975 or 1976 .there was a group on then but I carnt remember their name I thin one was called roy and one barry but carnt remember the others I think there was five in the group. I remember they wore pale blue trousers and red shirts. I may even have some photo somewhere also had some of other blue coats if anyone can remember this group or even know what happened to them I should love to know

i was there in74,i was a barman in the ballroom

hi Kathryn I worked there in 1972,73,74 I was a cashier use to go round cafes shops & bars,you won't remember me but you may remember my mate they nickname him Geronimo worked as a porter in the dining hall.just been to ocean edge caravan site so had a walk round the old site nothing there now all over grown.the company which bought the site went bust had some good memories sad to see it now

I have recently been back to morecambe on business,i went to look around the old camp at middleton towers the old bar is still there but it was strange looking at the new blocks of flats.Still parts of the old camp with rubble behind fences.I went in to morecambe for a drink the joiners arms is still there but the masons arms and the ship have changed names.We had some good times in those pubs,what a trip down memory lane.
george loggie waiter/barman worked at middleton towers in 1967.

Hello Stephanie,

I worked at Pontins 69/70 may have a pic of Blue Coats


Hi all!
My mum (SYLVIA) worked at Middleton towers as a Bluecoat from 19969-1972.. was her best years of her life!
Just wondering if anyone else worked there at the same time???

Hi Guys,
This site brings back happy memories!
I was a boy when I first started going in the very early 70s, in fact most of the way through the 70s. I think I remember you Yvonne, I may even have a photo of you with my dad.
I remember the song alice ann, but dont have a copy.
Who was the italian looking guy who was a Blue coat that all the ladies swooned after? I have a photo that is signed by most of the Blue coats, gonna dig it out and post it.
Happy Days

i worked there in 1973 i was a barman in the then ballroom.i can remember john simons,i used to drink in the farmhouse.had some great times.
paul robinson

Hi my dad los belcher used to run the pub also just near the entrance to pontins and its still there. It was called greendales at the time. It was around 1989 to 1992. Great memories of going to potions as a kid.

I worked at middleton tower in 1975,1976 and then in 1989-1992
John simmons was chief of security, derek smith was gm, I was
Bookings manager and when I returned finance manager.
If you remember me give me an email on [email protected].
Ii am now in my 40th year with pontins.

hi, I'm looking for a copy of The Nobodies, Alice Ann, anybody have one?

Hi was anyone working at pontins heysham in 1973?iwas a chalet maid with my friend maggie we were from Sheffield my name is kathy we had great times the nobodies were the resident band in the ballroom there was the farmhouse pub and the the ship one the ss something every Friday night after being paid loads of us wud get the bus into morecambe for a much needed pub crawl I remember Simons being heed of security and we met loads of great people from liverpool and I ended up marrying one and have just celebrated 38 years together wud love to hear from anyone that was there then .

Hi All
When my father was alive he recalled the good times as he helped to build the ballroom & bar.(carpenter by trade) After this contract ended he was taken on primarily as a carpenter / odd job man. I am sorry his not arround to tell us more about which year & the things he encountered.
Regards Ian

update;think john simons was security manager not camp manager.tony the bar manager was also from sheffield.the year was 72/73 or 73/74

john simons was security manager not camp manager.

i worked at middleton towers in 1972 ,think thats the right year.i was a barman in the ballroom.john simons was camp manager.tony was head barman.had a fantastic time
can remember yvonne and her husband taking snaps.great days and great friends so sad to see the pictures before demolition.

paul robinson [sheffield]

RAYMOND.. Hello. I am Yvonne Trachy. I was the photographer at M/T along with my late husband Alan. for many years. I remember you in the darkrooms.Hope life has treated you well!

Hi im trying to find my father philip jones, he worked there in the very early 80s as far as I know in the kitchen or stores, he whent by his nickname but I dont know what that was, if anyone could tell me anything at all id be very greatfull iv been looking for him for many years now, please contact me at [email protected]

Dacy slater

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1974 The nobodies sang, Oh how I love you Alice Ann
How can I make you understand
I'll marry you when I'm a man
Alice Ann, Alice Ann.


Sorry forgot to mention in the above post. If you are the Mad Max I remember, you and Bradley Walsh were in the chalet under us in '81 and I got you with a bucket of water while you were outside practising your saxaphone. You were a bit upset at the time. It might be 31 years late but "I'm sorry Mate".


Hello Ian Gillies,

I don't know if people are still using this message board. Just in case they are does anyone know if the Ian Gillies (posting above) comes from Glasgow? If he does I remember him well along with the rest of the Glasgow kitchen crew. I remember thinking that I was mates with all of them but because of accents / alcohol etc I could hardly understand a word and was never certain whether we all got on or not (kidding). There were hundreds of staff there from Glasgow and Liverpool in '81 and '82 and only four of us from Sheffield. Me and my mate Steve Elwis (Dining Hall Supervisor) and two other blokes John (forgot his surname - famously took his girlfriends Mini for a drive on the beach and lost it in the quicksand) and his mate who was profoundly deaf.

As well as names mentioned above,I knew well John Taylor (waiter), John Murphy, Ged McAll and Paul Green (Dining Hall Porters). Steve Crisp (bar cellerman that I still know), Tracey Oxley (who I still know slightly. We've been married for 28 years). There are lots of other people I remember well but I can only remember their first names. Fantasctic times and I met some fantastic people (wife excluded - ha ha).

Oh btw I was a waiter in '81 and '82 at Middleton Tower and worked at Seacroft, Gt Yarmouth as a waiter in'83 for a shortwhile.


Hello Dacy Slater,

I knew Phil Jones very well (and so did my wife), although no one on the camp knew him as 'Phil' at the time. He had a nickname that everyone knew him by. I suspect other people posting on here would have known him well but would not have known that his real name was Phil Jones. If no one else has got back to you yet about your Dad Email me at [email protected] because I'd be happy to tell you what I know. I was a waiter in at Middleton Tower in '81 and '82 (my wife as well in '82) and then we worked with your Dad the season after that in East Anglia.


Hi,Middleton Towers 1981, Max Perkins if you or anyother Bluecoats get this message e-mail me [email protected]

I worked at Middleton Tower in the summer season of 1960, my very first professional music job. I played the piano in the Tudor Bar, and shared the stage daily with Alan Clift (who sang songs and told jokes). Les Nightingale was entertainments manager and the camp comedian was Sandy Lane. Great summer, with many eye-opening experiences. Two years later I worked a summer season at the Pontin's holiday camp in Lowestoft, and had another wonderful summer. But then I came to my senses and went back to university to get a PhD in physics. Now I am a retired university professor with man happy memories . . .

I worked behind the Bayne marees in 1981, putting the food in for the girls, the only lad behind them, great times, Vinny was the supervisor. Tony

kitchen runner 1985

Ian...i worked behind Bayne mareas, the only lad, with the girls serving in 81, think i remember you. Tony

Sorry try the address next to "posted by"

Hi, Middleton Towers 1981, Max if you or any bluecoats get this contact me. Dave

Hi im dacy slater and im looking for my father philip jones, he worked at pontins morcambe from what I was told in the very early 80s, maybe 81, 82, I think he worked in the kitchen, if anyone has any information please contact me either thru facebook Dacy slater or phone 07935021136, im now 30 years of age and have been looking for a while x

Hello to Lee Trow.
i worked at pontins in 1967 as a waiter in the restuarant and also in the bar at night,where the nobodies played. they let me get up and sing with them sometimes,i met my 1st wife pat
there who i was married to for 30 years.if you look on the nobodies manchester pop group from the 60"s you will find some history about them. i saw them in a club nr doncaster years later.they were a really versatile group.they also appeared on new faces in the 70"s hope this helps.
george loggie.

Remember Pontins well. I worked in the darkroom (69/70) season proccessing films during the night ready for the shop next day.
Happy memories

Does any one remember who run the bike hire shop in the 80's I think one was called mick from overton just down the road. I also remember the staff from the arcade Martin, brett and paul.

Does anyone know what became of the fab pop group called the Nobodies that performed in the sundowner bar, morecombe ?

My mum mary low used to run the cafe and i used to spend my weekends and school holidays here it was great

1966 Pontins was my first pro gig with Paul Gold Orchestra. It was a wonderful introduction to the hard work that went into playing. We would start at noon then play for the talent contest in the afternoon. Then after supper we would rehearse for the name performer coming in then we would play the show in the Berengaria theater after which we would play until about 2:00 am for dancing. After that it was party time. I always wonder what happened to Cynthia Aldrich, Paul Godden on Trombone Carol Gray etc. As for me I went on to play with Duke Ellington so all was not lost. Sincerely Grahame Rhodes my web page is Grahame Rhodes jazz.com or GWRJazz.com
Cheers G


I worked as a nursery nurse assistant for 2 seasons 1980/1981 worked with Marie Louise,Paul in the kitchen Anne was in the laundry next door

anybody remembers me or my wife ann(miller)contact us on [email protected]. people you may know, from 1976 to 1978, val matthews, jimmy and john williams, norman davies, luther llewlyn hinds, bill o sullivan,mick bull,stuart and dot,and many more if any one knows us please get in rtouch, thank you

my wife and i met at middleton sands i worked there from 1976 to 78 my name is to marsh amnd i worked in the kitchen under bill o sullivan, my wife ann worked as a waitress, we are still together and have been married for 33 years, loved pontins met a lot of good friends and still see them now in morecambe where we live

I was a Dancer at Middleton towers in 1967 and I remember the Nobodys as a great band. Paul Gold was the orchestra that played for us and in the ballroom. We had a great time

Hi ,I worked at Middleton towers camp in 1968 it was a lovely camp and great people to work for .I have great memories of working there .

Visited Middleton 1952, 1954 - 63 with my parents in the old Whit week which included my birthday. At breakfast I had to stand on my chair in the dining room while the entire 'congregation' sang 'Happy Birthday'. Given the SS Berengaria was designed and built by the same architect who was responsible for the listed buildings at Dudley Zoo, how come it was not preserved along with the farm house? Great memories but maybe the Pontin's takeover was not beneficial. The tone of the camp certainly changed with staff far more 'in your face' than in the days of Harry Kamiya. I still have a souvenir embroidered hankie of my mother's showing the Berengaria, but my collection of badges disappeared in the 70s.

Hi Di Hi campers my name is Wendy clamp my first summer season was at Middleton towers as a blue coat back in the 80's I Loved it the entertainments manger was Robert towell and the resident band was the mike James sound if anyone remembers me get in touch 07932 353262 xx

i lived in the pink house at pontins middleton towers,from 1980 to 1984 with my partner peter forster was chief security officer,robert was the entertainments manager,jock was in the stores,colin homer was manager,i worked in shop with peter roberts,i had 4 happy years there,was a shame it closed down

hi i went to middleton towers from 1955 to 1965 i met agirl called barbara i remember the gorilla and little albert the dwarf who worked in the berengeria iwent with my mam dad and brother i met a waiter called dave my name is glenda was macdonald my brother and me used to ride on the bicycles round the camp we loved it never wanted to go home we loved the outdoor pool we met a family called keogh they had three children cy kim and kerry there was a donkey race their dad rode the donkey and called it crusty as he was a baker great memories

hi i loved middleton tower my family mam dad brother went every year i met a waiter dave i am called glenda we had a great time i would love to see it open again we met a couple called keogh they had three children sy kim and kerry we went to the donkey race their dad rode it it was called crusty beccause he was a bakerthe first year we went i was three met a girl called barbara we had agreat time the berengaria the bicycles we rode round the cite great memories

I holidayed there with my family for a week in 1967, I was 9yrs old and I have very fond memories of it.I can still remember the name and nos of our chalet, it was 50 Ullswater,and being wakened at 8am each morning with the song-Somewere My Love blaring from the speakers.I remember the dining room with the walk up the huge staircase and the names of the team you sat in Embassy and Regal I think?The Bluecoats used to line up at the top of the stairs and they'd be clapping and singing to Hello Dolly.I loved that holiday, and out of all the holidays ive had in my life, if I could choose one to re-live it would be that one.

Hi everyone i worked at pontins 1990/91 as 5-till midnight cleaner did anyone work at that time know who the resident group that played there were called

Russell.. Hi! Our daughter (Caren) now has two lovely teenage daughters of her own (17 and 19) How time flies. I have a new partner now. You may remember him He`s Dave Owen who was maintenance manager at Middleton We have just been up to the old site with some friends for coffee. There is a retirement village there now. Farmhouse, Tudor Bar and Tower are still there (Listed) Farmhouse and Tudor now connected with a new build restaurant.. The Tudor is now a state of the art Gymn.
As you may have guessed I still...or should I say we still live close to the old site in Overton..
We are on Facebook .... Yvonne Trachy..and Dave Owen
Best wishes...

hi worked at middleton towers in 1973 as a chalet maid had a fab time and met my husband ther who i am still married too my name is kathy and i came from sheffield i went there with a friend called maggie we shared a chalet with a girl called liz hunter from hartlepool i worked in the ballroom a few nights collecting glasses just to make my wages up met loads of lovely people is there anyone out there that remembers me or used to work ther that year wud love to here from you

Hi Dodge: I remember you and your "Gang" from Whaley Bridge/Buxton area ?? I played Drums in the Russ Lewis Showband and recall giving you all a lift into town in the back of my van ................ could be mistaken... It was about 30 yrs ago !!!

HI Yvonne: I remember you and Alan (sad to hear of his passing) & Daughter (I have a photo of us with her as a Bunny Girl) being omni-present, snapping away in the Ballroom.

john taylor work pontins middleton towers 1980 -81 dinning hall manager

hi i worked at pontins 1980 to 81. worked in the dinning hall as dinning hall manager. john taylor

Hello, i read your site, this a best site from me, thanks!

Before I was 11 (God was it really 1964) I went to Middleton towers every year. Most times my father won the talent contest (singing) and we'd get to go back for a weekend later in the year for the talent finals. Probably he'd not bother to re-enter but once he came second to a vent act, who later won the final of Opportunity Knocks on TV. Reflected Glory.
The Cameo Family owned the camp. Les Nightingale was the camp ents manager.
Every single memory is shining in magic from the first sight of the Berengaria across the flat fields of wheat. the penny arcade across an alley from the ship. The punch ball just outside the Arcade that my dad had to lift me up o hit. The dance hall with a cafe at the end where a Horlicks ended my day.. The barrel shaped eating hall with "Bon Appetite" in red letters on its green wartime metal. The lights that framed walkways (usually useful because it was raining). So different from the monochrome Manchester, school and street. Middleton towers was as exotic as "Abroad" is now. Probably more so. Colour when the there was none. Fun when it mattered. Dreams when I was so young.
After I was 11 Pontin's took over the camp (forgive any historical inaccuracy) and we "upgraded to Butlin's. My! I thought it was posh. In Skegness, Ayr, Minehead, Filey etc I had a wonderful time. But nothing will compare to lights, sounds, smell, and old fashioned fire engine in a little house, of Middleton towers. If Hi dee hi wasn't based on it. I'd be a monkey's uncle. But don't patronise it, This was a very special place indeed. I look on Google maps from my home now on the south coast and can still see the ghosts. Listen hard and for second sitting campers....lunch is now available.

i holidayed at middleton towers 1980 and 1981 i had a signed photograph of all the bluecoats one of them being bradley walsh, unfortunately i no longer have the photo if anyone could help i would gladly appreciate it

Merry Xmas to everyone. A Happy and healthy New Year.

Hi Anne, Hi Yvonne sorry i'm late in contacting you both, Pauls not on facebook but you can contact me on [email protected] hope we can contact each other would love to hear from you both LOL Lillian xxx

Hi My name is Sylvia, and I worked as a chaletmaid and in the cafes in 1965, I went on my own and met 4great Liverpool girls there, they took me under there wings they called me The Bolton Wanderer, I wish I had kept in touch with them( Happy Days )

Hi Sandra... I'm back from four weeks in the sun. - lovely. Came into Gatwick to thick snow! As we travelled home to West Wales - (God's country, of course)it dissappeared.
I remember Sonia.
I have friends who live in Sydney and their daughter, Morag,is a friend on facebook.Also another friend (fellow golfer)lives in Brisbane but comes home for part of the summer.
I loved Perth when we were there. Cycled for miles up the side of the Swan river.
Sad about Mort, Too young!As you say it's the age! God get off that track.
Have a great Xmas singing carols in your bikini - can you still get into it????
Hywl fawr o Cymru a Nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda

Hi Yvonne...thanks for your e-mail.So sad to read about Mort,makes you realise your old!!I didnt know he and Zandra had seperated,I met her once afew years after working with her,and she did say they were getting a pub together.Thanks for reminding me about Peter Marcus;s name,i'd forgotten it.I have a photo of Peter and I having a drink together,maybe taken by your husband,I look at the photos from then, and it all seems so recent even though its so long ago-strange isnt it.Any have a lovely Xmas-its seafood for us-throw another prawn on the barbie,and all that!!Its always very strange to think the other half of the world is in mid winter.Anyway all the best for 2012 to all the ex-workers from Middleton Towers-cheers Sandra

Hi Sandra... Anne is away soaking up the sun at the moment.. I was a Zio angel(dancer) from 1964.. married Alan the photographer(I was Yvonne Cross back then) Joined him on the photography, and we were still there when it closed in 1994.
I remember Sonia well. She was a bluecoat Ran Radio Pontin with Myra. I used to work there part time with them.. I also remember Zandra and Mort (later..married). Sadly he is no longer with us.. He and Zandra parted again, and I lost touch with her...... I think remember Marlene singing!
Photographer Peter Marcus.. I remember him too! No idea how, or where he is now though
I am still in close contact with Rosemary Bennett (managers daughter) Her brother John now lives in Finland Sadly her Dad, Eric died about 4 years ago, and Mother,Mary, last Christmas..
Hope I have stirred a few happy thoughts.. Good to hear from you
Both Anne and I can be found on facebook (own names!!)
Heres wishing you all you wish yourself for Christmas and the New Year
Best wishes..
Yvonne (Trachy)

Hi Anne Wilks, do you remember Sonya? She had very blonde hair and came from Newcastle way.I cannot remember if she was a dancer or just a blue coat-she was there 1963.I worked with Zandra who was Mort Allans girlfriend.I came to Perth Australia over 30 years ago-hard to believe so many years have gone by so quickly!!Also I had a friend called Marlene(hairdresser/singer)who was there 1964-she now lives in France.Melting over the computer today -37degree's and its not officially summer untill 1 December!!Wouldn't mind abit of English rain.Do you remember a photographer called Peter,a carefree happy soul he was. G'day from W.A.

1980s does anyone remember the whittaker twins, Jim worked as
lifeguard stroke bluecoat, john worked in the nursery. If Diane Ridgeway who also worked in the nursery is out there and can feel it her heart to forgive me, i can tell you now , i have always regretted i did not marry you. Nearly sixty now, wish i had spent it with you.

Hi Sandra Thomson,

I was a Zio Angel 1962/63/64. If you saw any of the camp shows you would have seen us. We doubled up on Blue Coat duties as well. I must have had my hair done,(maybe by you) at some point in the season.

Yes it's sad the camp has gone. Many happy memories and of course we were young, so ...nostalgia as well.

Am in touch with Yvonne Trachy - she married the camp photographer and was there for - I don't know - 25 years or so.

Visited Australia in 2002 - loved it. When did you move out there?

Anne Wilks

Paul, Lillian - me too.Facebook.
Anne Wilks

Paulll Lillian.. I can be contacted via Facebook!
Yvonne Trachy

Hi Paul...... Do hope Lillian will get in touch..
I was Yvonne Cross back then... Married the photographer,Alan. Sadly he died in 2008.. I am in touch with Anne (Booth) and also still get Christmas cards from Sandra (Mother`s Pride Hair do!).. I have posted pics on www.pontinshistory.co.uk
I was with the Zios in 1964, and their successors in 1965 After that, I joined Alan on the photography, and was there right up until the site closed in 1994
My love to Lillian..

Hi Paul Parker, I was a Zio Angel and worked with Lillian. My last year was 1964 at Middleton Tower.
I actually met you when I worked in Hull with Lill, we were in the Jackson girls then. We worked together quite a lot. - Huddersfield, Rhyl, Leeds etc.
I am Anne Wilks(nee. Booth) I have quite a few photos, as you can imagine.
I am in contact with Yvonne Trachy(another Zio. She married the camp photographer.)
Be lovely to hear from Lillian.

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