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There used to be a small circus across the promenade next to the staion pub which is now a carpark, and sometimes they would take the animals for a walk up the jetty. The zoo had rabbits,monkeys,birds,a kinkajou(i think thats how you spell it)called freddie,two bear cubs called wendy and bighead,and a vulture called veronia.

from carol morecambe

I don't remember an elephant in that little zoo. There was a petting zoo at Heysham but I doubt they ran to elephants. Non elephant related I know but I do remember crocodiles/alligators in Marineland.
There is something tickling at my brain regarding an elephant and The Winter gardens but it's elusive at the moment.

I seem to remember there being an elephant in the tiny zoo, can anyone else remember this? My Grandma loved elephants and used to take me to see it in the early 1960's (or am I imagining it?)The zoo was so small it seems unlikely to be true especially now that we are so much more aware of the effect being held in inappropriate conditions has on these animals. Can anyone help put me out of my misery?

Lovely photo, I especially like the Lake District mountains forming the misty backdrop.

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