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Hi there, Im Noel Martin from Christchurch New Zealand and on the 9th of May 1961 I arrived in Morecambe with a friend who lived in Stanley Road. We had just docked in London earlier that day and he asked If I would like to come to Morecambe for a couple of weeks holiday before I started my working holiday around the UK. We arrived at 10.00pm after changing trains 3 times (Euston Crewe & Lancaster all steam trains in those days) I had 2 glorious weeks there then it was time to move on as my friend had to rejoin his ship but I had decided to see if I could get a job there and guess what as an electrician I received offers of two jobs on my first day of looking, one at Heysham Harbour and the other with the Morecambe Corporation Illuminations Department.This one I took and there I stayed for the full season. Stirling Moss turned the lights on in late August 1961. I must say that I enjoyed my time in Morecambe including all the guys I worked with. I have a lot more to say but wonder if anybody would be interested if so please read these comments and reply. Kind regards to all those who still live in Morecambe I always thought it was and still is a great place Moel Martin.

Well said Kat! Im not from Morecambe but go every year and have done since i was knee high, im 31 now!

?_? Hmmmm quite the active imagination you have there, you should probably also mention the pink elephants...The twelve eyed, two headed dog and of course when you realised that your head was so far up your own ass you didnt actually see morecambe but a derranged fantasy you had somewhere hidden in your colon.

motto of the story: stay off drugs and dont put heads up asses.


LMFAO .... i can not stop laughing at what that matthew delooz weird idiot has wrote, a little info for you here mate.... morecambe has always had the dome, has always had the big wheel, has always had the fire and water festival.... where the hell have you been lately? you live in lancashire... clearly you think your world ends at the lancaster bridge mate!
And for god sake come off the smack ... i have never seen anyone manage to look at a star on the floor which clearly symbolises eric morecambe being a star! and turn it into a pentogram.... :S
Funniest load of absolute crap i have ever read.
Hope you and your mental illness get better soon mate!

Funny, i live in morecambe, and i have done for many years, never got a black eye nor a slit throat! Maybe if you took the time to talk to the people you would see that Morecambe is full of wonderful human beings who keep community spirit alive and still pop round with a christmas cake at christmas or for a coffee at the weekend. Don't judge a book by it's cover, morecambe may look a little rough due to the exterior of most of the buildings, but come back in summer on a warm day and looks completely different!
Sex offenders - thats slanderous quite franky ... i do hpe you learn manners!
immigrants - there are no more polish here than anywhere else in britain, perhaps you just looked for them more here as you had already formed an opinion of the place.

We do not want Morecambe bombed, we are quite fond of our little seaside town, and it will shock you to learn that most of us that live here are able to spell correctly and pronounce words right unlike most of britain today who use chav lingo ... so i would say Morecambe's probably more civilised than most places these days!

If you judge a book by it's cover you will never learn the joys of its words nor what it has to offer.

dear all, wot on earth has happened to this so called holiday resort, the only souviner your gonna get here is a black eye ore a slit throat?.its full of drunks,sex offenders and immigrants. it used to be a wonderful place where familles could go for a day ore weekend breakto see the illumanations. but now its gone to the dogs bomb the lot and start again and replace the council with one who knows wot ther doing.

ha ha, whoever wrote that article about the 'serpent cult' is a nutter! :)

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