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I've just read your story about the feline interloper. I'm pleased that your own cat escaped relatively unscathed from the experience, unlike our cat who is only just returning to normal (what IS a normal cat by the way!!)three weeks after her 'fight'. Katie is a very timid elderly lady cat of 14 summers and was 'set upon' by a large black monster of a Tom cat who managed to cause a nasty puncture wound in her side. Two visits to the vet costing an arm and a leg each time, antibiotics and anti-inflamatories, TLC and all the best cat food on the market...............and she is finally getting back to her old self. As a precaution, my husband has purchased a super-soaker water pistol which is kept fully primed in case 'Blackie' dares to set a paw in our garden again. Mind you, he's been waiting for an excuse to buy a water pistol for some time! It may be worth your while to invest in a similar weapon.
Pauline (ex-Morecambrian and cat lover, now living in the S.West)

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