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Your daughter has done a beautiful job on this rug. My mother-in-law made the same one for my son around the same time when he was a child. Unfortunately it was lost in a house move. she has now developed dementia and keeps asking where it is (despite him being a teenager) I am looking for the pattern or kit to re-create it, or even to purchase the completed article to try and settle her anxiety about it. I would appreciate it if you could offer me some advice on how I would go about this.
Many thanks

Well we are very impressed by that. I look forward to receiving it for my Birthday. Thankyou E! Fantastic! Well impressed! Love Ya!

Congrats to your daughter for her beautiful rug! What an accomplishment. I enjoyed hooking rugs when I was a teen, also. I'll look forward to her getting her own crafting blog someday. :) I'm adding yours to my blogroll.

Well done! It looks great! We were all very impressed. Cai wants you to make him one now!
You had better hide it when he comes to visit!

Well done on a good job xx

well done you. what a fab rug, and to be proud of to

Well done you, i'm not surprised it took such a long time. I have a knitted Eeyore to put together that i haven't even started yet so i'm very jealous. I hope this have given you the craft bug and you carry on making lovely things.
Love Sarah x

Well worth all the hard work and effort! It's nice to know that these crafts are still enjoyed in this day of computers. I started a rug when I was 15 years old and I've just picked it up again at 43! It was started in the 1970's and was all purples, blues, turquoises etc and now it looks quite retro - so things do come back into fashion eventually!

Wow, you must be very proud of your daughter. I think she's done a marvelous job. I think you'll agree it's been well worth the wait.

well done. I remember making a rug when i was at school (wow I can still remember) and it was a lot of work. must have been a proud moment for mum and dad xx

well done what a super rug.you must have worked very hard. bet your mum and dad are very proud of you.

I bet you are chuffed to bits with your rug - its fantastic- I make rag rugs and wool rugs so I know just how much work you've put in, and how many hours have gone into making it. Its a great achievement and one you will always remember.
luv Ed xx

Congratulations on such a big project, I am sure it brought hours of fun.

Well done


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