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ok, so i held down ctrl+shift+c like you said, and no box pops up at all. i did it while i was in the play mode, and i didnt have the game paused. so can you please help me and tell me why the cheat window just decides not to pop up for me?


i type Ctrl+Shift+C but no box appears????? PLS HELPpppppppppppp!!!!!

i time Ctrl+shift+c but it comes no box pls helppppppp!!!!!1111

how do i get rid of my money because want to have my family earn it like the real world.
please someone will you get back to me?

Ok i have a question, i have a mondern game controller so how do you do any of this?? go to youtube.com go to channels and look up lolypopgirl2000 and send my a comment plzzz!!!!!

I want to know the sims 3 cheat

How do i get the box to go down so i can type?

thank you for the cheat it worked good style lol x x x x x x

Maybe try the "moveobjects on" cheat - open the cheat window, type that without the quotes and hit enter. Go into buy mode and you should be able to move the sim out of bed. It may stay lying down for a bit.
Don't forget to take "moveobjects" off.

She keeps doing the same thing over and over again...

Hey,My sim wont wake up and is really unhappy what do i do?

How do you get the gnome i did L1 R1 up x R2 while pressing start. So annoying.


Thnkz 4 the cheat!!!

It works fab!!!


this is how u do the money cheat.

u press this : shift,ctrl,and c at the same time

and then when the white box at the top shows up, type in this, WITHOUT the quotation marks:


You will get 50,000 simeoleons and u can do it as many times as you want. remember its not "motherload".

heres another cheat. its for aspiration points.

in the white box type in


after u type that in (dont press enter yet) type in how many you want but space it after aspirationpoints. And there you go!

if it does not work then u r doing it wrong.


The motherlode cheat works for me every time, i also no the cheats to stop the sims aging. does the agingquck cheat work? please reply

the box wont go away what do i do

do you have any more cheats??? please ;;)

i am not writig motherlode with capital M and it still works


to get ride of the box type in exit or hit ESC. =]


type exit and press enter.
so u dnt have to re-type motherlode a billion times to get rich, type it onece, then type ! into the white box and it will repeat it..

have fun

UM..i have a question. how do i make that little bar that i make moneyz with go away? E-mail your respond to me at [email protected]. okplzthx.

UM..i have a question. how do i make that little bar that i make moneyz with go away? E-mail your respond to me at [email protected]. okplzthx.

I Cant have the cheat box i did the cntrl+shift+c, it does the camera thing but i cant have the box, please help!

im back!!!!! Samantha, i dont know what the heck she did, hopefully your daughter fixes it, i hav a 8yr old sis it really hurts to c her upset i no how u feel. best wishes, TT4N

p.s. WOO-HOOS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sims mania girl, hope those cheats sastisfied your cheat-cravings.

duh, do u ever press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, do it like that. either its u or the computer thats retarded. to make your cat have a blue camoflauge coat, press EEGJ2YRZZQ1IQ9QHA64. then for a dog, press EEGJ2YRZZZ1RQ9QHA64.

dont expect any more from me, i stay secret and randomnly appear

i press ctrl+shift+ c but nothng appears, wat should i do to enable the cheats menu.. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me , anyone who knows plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mail me ,,,,,,,, i would be thankful....

Thanks so much!

I will try it later-

Have you got any other cheats to reccomend or is this the lot? i am really desperate here!

I'll keep checking! LOL

i tried typing in motherlode but mine just keeps comeing up with no such cheat what do i do?


thanx alot... it really help!

i keep trying the motherlode cheat but it tells me that there's no such cheat. i've tried it in upper and lower case and just the first letter as upper case.

any ideas?

i just downloaded the sims 2 off the internet as my discs were scratched.... now that i have sims 2...unleashed etc... motherloade, kaching, !;!;!..., wont work with me it just says no such cheat... does anyone know why??

It sounds as if somehow the folder for that neighbourhood has been deleted or moved. The folders for The sims 2 are kept in My Documents/EA Games/Sims 2/Neighborhoods and the neighbourhoods are named i.e. N001 etc. I think it's just coincidence that it has disappeared since using the cheat.
This forum ... http://forums.worldsims.org/forumdisplay.php?f=19 ... might be able to help.

Please can one of you Sims2 experts help my 8 year old daughter? She has recently bought Sims 2 DVD for PC and has been playing it happily for 2 weeks. Thanks to you she has discovered the cheat in order to get some more money but today she has gone on it for the first time since using the money cheat and Pleasantview (Pleasantville?!!)has disappeared from the opening page. She is devastated because she can't work out where it has gone. The other two towns are there, Strangeville and Veronville (I think they are the names), but the last picture, which used to be Pleasantview/ville is now 'Custom build a new town'. Please can anyone help? has she not saved it from last time? But surely even if she hadn't saved it properly last time she should still have everything she had previously saved?
Any help would be much appreciated - she is in floods.

I just downloaded it too because I used to play sims like a year ago and I stopped cause my CD was scratched, so I downloaded a torrent. But now NONE of the cheats work, AND the cheat box wont go away even tho ive typed exit, and it still stays there when i go to the neighborhood view... can someone help me pleaseeee??

I've pressed shift+ctrl+c but nothong happens!DOES ANYONE KNOWS WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?PLEASE HELP MEEEE! [email protected]

i just downloaded the sims 2 off the internet as my discs were scratched.... now that i have sims 2...unleashed etc... motherloade, kaching, !;!;!..., wont work with me it just says no such cheat... does anyone know why??

how do i get rid of the cheat box

do u hav 2 download the cheat????

lol u guys are amateurs, seriously. It doesnt matter if you type MOTHERLODE or motherlode in lower case. Try finding other cheats such Boolprop...

have u broyght bella goth back iiam going to tomooro

to exit the white box thing just type exit in it then it will go away


Just press escape (usually the top left button on the keyboard labelled "Esc")

hey how do you get the box that is above the typing box go away?!

I mean "C" not Alt. :/

I've played the sims ever since I could.
To get rid of that annoying box for cheats, just press ESC. [Escape]
& if you want some more cheats. Press; Shift Control & Alt.
Then, type in Help-all :)

The correct spelling is memento

i have the sims 2 and when i first got the sims 2 (when it first came out) i used the cheats but now i have started playing it again, the cheats menu will not pop up. this is really making me mad because i want to have a stay at home family but with good money so i can buy whatever i want to. i have tried so many times to get this to work. I dont know why this wont work. if anyone can help please please please i beg please help me!

I want the sims cheat code


thanks for telling me that i like the sims 2 BUT I DONT HAVE A DVD DRIVE :(!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! have a great christmas!!!

For twinz type in TwinzR2Cute after sims try for a baby and you hear the succes tune thing.(doesnt always work.)

Same here as the post above. The cheat console has never showed up for me. I've tried it live, paused, build mode, neighborhood screen, lot selector, options menu, I've tried CTRL SHIFT C at the same time, I've held them down for a bit, I've pressed CTRL then SHIFT then C, nothing works. Have an idea why it wouldn't work?

i can't bring up the console at all in my PC..why?

it does work! But the aging one doesnt


Hi how do u use this WARIGANOSASH? it's not working on mine. It is before u create family or after? can u also do the same with a ready-made family? Pleast explain. thanks.

Very good cheats and now i have made a very poor family happy. Use it now!

If you put WARIGANOSASH in the sims cheat it will give you £100.000 pounds more

how do u get the family wen you have just made them to move into a expensive house????????please answer me

fanx a lot !

if your doing the cheat on sims 2 then motherlode needs to be presented like this "motherlode" then it will work and the same with exit "exit" bye bye

It is control SHIFT and C Not ALT.

i have tryed to enter the cheat many many times but it doesnt work i pressed ctl+alt+c oh my god its anoying how everybodt else can do it apart from me please help me please

hi thx for the money cheat!
from dylan
ps can people plz NOT e-mail me i dont like strangers e-mailing me thx bi

Thanx everyone for the cheat I tried it once and it didn't work but I hope it will now. Cuz now I know you HAVE to have a Capital M on Motherlode!!
Thanx again!!!

its Motherlode, capital M

To get the box to go away, type in exit and it will, now, is the cheat for money Motherlode or motherlode???

Thank you all

thanx for the cheat!!n it's great

Just enter the cheat, unpaused, it will pause itself anyway while you type the cheat.

Ok, i havent tried it yet but do you mean to enter the cheat when it is unpaused or paused?

dat last 1 was from me

i ment Motherlode

i tried the Mothlode cheat, with one of my sims, and it worked, i did it 3 more times and it still worked!
But den i tried to do it with my other sims, and it didnt work, the cheat box just got bigger but, it didnt work, and now non of the cheats worked, but they all did before.
what should i do now? I WANT MORE MONEY!!

thanx for the motherlode cheat, couldn't find it anywhere else (P.S it worked)

I have never tried it in any other mode than when the sims are in live mode, pottering about as normal.
Keep in mind that nothing startling happens except you notice you are a bit richer when you look at your money total. It doesn't appear on screen like when they recieve rewards.

i typed in Motherlode in the white box then pressed enter but nothing happens...exactly when do i do it? is it anytime during the game.?

it works!thankx a lot!!!:)

Do you mean the money cheat didn't work or Aleia's aging cheat? The money cheat works for the hundreds of people a day that click through this entry. Did you hold down the control button the shift button and the c button at the same time to bring up a white box to type the word into? Remember to spell it Motherlode and not Motherload.

it didnt work

for toddles to age quicker its agingquck

To make the box go away press the esc key on your keyboard. It sometimes goes away on its own once you start playing.

Hey, i did the motherload thing, and this white box appeared, but how do i get that stupid box to go away? it wont, and its SOOOOOOOOOOO annoying. UgH!! Thanks!!

Thnx :)

Ta for that, going to try it now.

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