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I have a room full os FILS (finish it later's) some dating back many years

Sometime around 15 years ago - i bought a cross stitch kit of a ship in a stormy sea, all dark blues and greys etc........ think I'm about quarter of the way through it, if that, find it out occasionally and do a few blocks of stitches - and back it goes - into it's home in the attic - really will finish it one day......but when ???
Ed xx

I'm currently working on one of the Craftime dolls (which is like a line dancer), knitting two cardigans, have 2 cross stitches on the go, am doing a 22 hpi needlepoint for my dolls house and also my dolls house is a continuing project.

That's all I can remember, so if I can remember those what else do I have. Goes off in search of what else she has to do! lol

I am currently working on a cross stitch of a canal boat which is going well. About 9 years ago I started a zodiac kit which has umpteen shades of 2 main colours and involves lots of blending two colours together to do just a few stitches. This drives me mad! Now & again I get the project out with good intentions, realise how much there is still to do, and put it away again - a real UFO!!

Well I have some unfinished cross stitch that dates back at least ten years, if not more. One in particular is of two rabbits on a lawn and a straw hat with a wispy veil. It has been NEARLY finished for years and was even sent around the world as a UFO round robin.

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