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Hi Fran, sorry it's a late comment - only just got back online...I loved the colours too and although on the small swatch the black appears to overpower the blues, I think it could work well possibly with a dark grey instead of the black, something not quite so severe a contrast...luve Ed xx

Fran I think its stunning and would be perfect with black trousers or skirt. Go for it girl

Just putting a comment in here in case anyone pops back.
Thanks everyone for looking. I am experimenting with some different swatches and I think I will go for something more muted.
More swatches coming soon!!

The colours are a little bold for me but I think it would look nice as a jacket if the colours were a little more subtle, what about beiges, fawns or greens, more muted colours but they may not give the effect that you want when it's put together.

I like it Fran, i like the blue colours and the design, its my kind of thing :) I think it would look good as a jacket.

i think it would well as a jacket.
Th pattern may appear to be heavy but it would look nice as a Jacquard effect pattern.
I think you should do it.

The black is too black. If you know what I mean. Maybe have the background blues and do the diamond bit in the lilac or a deeper purple and the lilac shaded. Would be nice as a scarf but a bit much, maybe, as a full garment.

Hi Fran

Not really my craft, it looks good but would it be a bit much for a jacket it's difficult to tell from a small bit, but then it is not really my style either maybe you'd better wait for the views of the others.

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