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you are all so positive! This is something i've been meaning to do for ages and reading your blog makes me want to start practising immediately

Glad to hear this is helping you. I'm encouraged since I plan on putting it into practice for the new year.

I did them first eight years ago and I did them for about a year with little interruptions.
Then I did them on and off till I stopped it (For no reason)
I have started four days ago doing 3
reps each except for the first one, the spinning which I can do easily 21
Good luck!

Goodness, I hadn't realised it was that long ago. I must admit I haven't done them for over a year,maybe 2 years, which is stupid when I look back on how much good they did me.
Thanks for posting the comment, you have jolted me into at least planning to start doing them again, even if it's only one repetition at first.


You last post is from 2005.
Are you still doing them?
I just started doing them again after
three years of "living foolishly".

Hello there,
I simply love your way of describing "five Tibetan rites", and especially the part of thinking more positive and much more proactive! That is so much true. I've been performing 5 Tibetan rites for more than 16 years, more or less regularly. Well, I am on 21 repetitions of each rite, once, twice or even three times a day and I've never felt better in my entire life than now.

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