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Day 124, that's great! I thought you were at Day 88 or so from the postings I accessed. I'm still down in the forties, Day 47 to be exact, but I'm getting better at not missing a day, no matter what. I wish I could get better at doing them in the morning, though. I'm still kind of scattershot about the when part.
I am up to 15 repetitions this week and still aim to increase by two every week until I get to 21. I do feel a lot straighter, stronger, more flexible, and flatter in the stomach area; and am getting to crave that burst of energy you get afterwards -- so much so that it's made me eager to get down the road into the higher numbers and not miss at all, even though the minimum is 6 out of 7 days. I seem to especially get a lot of benefit on the days I don't have much energy or desire to do them, too, so that's more reason not to miss no matter what my condition.
Really, it's surprising what only a month and a half has done for my overall health and maybe mental attitude, too.
Good luck in your progress!

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