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hi there,

thank your for your blog. i am just about at the 10 week mark. having difficulty with the last right. i am at 21 in all but the last i am at 12.
it was lovely to make a cyber connection with another person making this discovery.



i had started doing the five rites but quit after 4 days-your journal has inspired me 2 start again iam trying 2 get out of a depressed state i 've fallen into-i also use 2 b very active into yoga weight lifting etc-so i will start the 5 rites tomorrow-i'am also going 2 ck out the other sites you mention!

I am on day 43 -- started with three and have added two repetitions every week (as the Colonel said on page 32 of my edition). I could have done more in the beginning, but I think it may be important to gradually increase them so that you don't overdo and quit, and to establish the daily habit.

It is in making every single day so far that I am most impressed with your work. I have missed four out of the 43 -- 90% and better than the 6 of 7 days per week, but not perfect. I am currently challenging my previous best of 12 in a row. Putting them off till evening sometimes is what resulted in the misses -- a result of 24 hour thinking rather than A.M./P.M., perhaps.

The second most impressive thing is the journal itself. I wish I had my thoughts from Day 1 (I have just recorded the fact of the workout and number of repetitions so far), and I'm going to start a personal journal with a summation of the early days now, Day 43 -- the day I discovered your blog.

My first goal is to make the 21, two more each week, and then start the evening 21 at three and work my way up to the full double dose. By the book, that means 20 weeks to get the full routine established. My second goal point is to perform the full routine for another 5 months and then do a through assessment of my progress.

Yes, I have noticed immediate improvement over the past six weeks -- losing weight in the middle, straightening up a great deal. Getting on-line and balanced, as we say in martial arts. (I'm a second degree black belt in TKD.)

I go from 13 reps to 15 today, and this is getting enough of a physical workout that I also notice a real deepening of my voice from the chest expansion, and increased circulation of blood all over my body giving me a healthy in the pink look when I finish, as well as the intense feeling of straightening.

Psychological and energy benefits are harder to judge objectively, but I do seem to feel better. I am particularly interested at the moment in the breakthrough ten week point that some people mention, which you would have just passed through....

In conclusion, keep up the good work and thanks for the journal idea.

In answer to the above comment, see this entry
More to come

have u lost any weight and inches doing the tibetan rites?

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