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Sandra Hubbard, I was friends with Johnny St Leger. I last saw him at the Palace theatre in Manchester, he was married to a dancer in one of the shows there, sadly he passed away some years ago.

Hi all, my name is Chris and I was the projectionist at Middleton Tower in 73,74,and 75. I worked with the electrician Alan Turner and George the stage manager in the Berengaria. I would love to hear from anybody who worked there at that time. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

My mum took us there for years,got some great memories,one of the groups was called the nobodies,my mum went that many times she was given a free weeks holiday.I remember the SS Berengaria an the Thunderbird 3 great times had

I spent many years at pontins with my family best holidays ever and I even won the cha cha competition with a girl called Gillian couldson from Northumberland my name was Linda greenwood

I was there on holiday in 1972 and 1973 as a child have really fond memories of the swimming pool and the playhouse. Remember the old inn by the main entrance. Supposed to have been haunted! Real shame it's all gone now.

I worked in the pontinental bar which only served half's of beer. My supervisor was Doris and her son was a Bluecoat name of Johnny St Leger. Had some fabulous holidays there later on 1979/1982.

I worked in the pontinental bar in 1974. One of the bluecoats was johnny st.leger. I worked with his mam Doris.It was a great place to work. Sort to see it all gone.Sandra (nee Batey) Huddart.

I was there 75/6, security officer. Boss was john Simons I recall

hi I was on holiday here with a friend either 1975 or 1976 .there was a group on then but I carnt remember their name I thin one was called roy and one barry but carnt remember the others I think there was five in the group. I remember they wore pale blue trousers and red shirts. I may even have some photo somewhere also had some of other blue coats if anyone can remember this group or even know what happened to them I should love to know

i was there in74,i was a barman in the ballroom

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